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We help enterprises utilize the power of innovative testing technologies to evaluate, enhance and refine their business-critical Software.

Effective QA practices enable enterprises to forecast software behavior in real-time that eventually helps in reducing stress conditions and resolving maximum inconsistencies. Quality and assurance services let you negate on run-time errors and optimize application performance post time to market. Apart from bolstering development initiatives and ensuring optimum test coverage, QA services offer the following benefits:

  • Quality records developed after QA help in data analysis
  • Significant cost reduction since there are lesser issues post production
  • Assure high quality software products and improved user experiences
  • No need for manual evaluation; saves time and cost overruns
  • Faster turnaround due to lesser defects and timely repairing

Leverage Proven QA Practices for Optimum Product Quality!

As one of the leading software testing companies in India, Adreno Technologies executes deep predictive analysis and offers a wide range of software testing services tailor-made to fit your specific QA requirements. Increased number of test cases for optimal risk coverage and better diagnosis form the foundation for our professional QA outsourcing services. This includes:

  • Test metric analysis of software scalability in order to adopt different scenarios
  • Professional test advisory services to formulate effective QA strategies
  • Test data management to efficiently utilize huge volumes of data-sets
  • Optimal case creation and management for reducing costs and time to market

How software testing and test metric analysis can positively impact your business?

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Customized QA Solutions that Best Fit Your Business!

At Adreno Technologies, we understand that every business has a different set of QA requirements and challenges. Our outsourced QA services are fed with maximum test cases in order to certify software applications as correct and scalable. Creating a fine balance between deep system diagnosis and timely defect identification, we ensure all your enterprise applications perform with utmost usability. Our range of software testing outsourcing services in India includes the following:

Functional Testing 

Creating custom test cases and going through a detailed checklist in order to ensure that the software is working fine as per the initial requirement specifications. In addition, our functional testing methodology is well structured and easily adaptable.

Automation Testing

Defining test automation frameworks, analyzing application landscape and developing automated test scripts in order to roll out new features on various applications faster to the market. We utilize testing tools, like Selenium, to plan test automation.

Performance Testing 

Evaluating the performance of your business critical software and enterprise applications under normal load, at peak time and in stress conditions. The objective is to identify bugs and errors in order to reduce cycle time and optimize performance.

Cloud Testing

Leveraging cloud infrastructure for software testing that includes multi-platform compatibility check, disaster recovery, data migration and integration testing. This reduces the execution time of testing complex software and large business applications.

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    The team at Adreno Technologies is fully acquainted with QTP, Selenium, TestComplete, FitNesse, LoadRunner, NeoLoad, WebLoad, Appscan, HP Fortify, Optim, Perfecto, SpiraTest and many more software testing frameworks and technologies.

Why Clients Rely on us to Outsource QA Services?

We are a professional outsourcing company in software development and testing sphere. Leveraging our core testing practices and agile methodology, we offer a rich suite of QA outsourcing services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Here’s what sets us apart from other offshore QA and testing companies in India:

  • Proven track record of delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality
  • Employ collaborative testing practices to achieve faster turnaround time
  • Quick adaptability to clients’ exclusive software testing needs and requirements
  • Leveraging our software development expertise to develop better test cases
  • Technical expertise to manage complex software system and application testing
  • Competitive pricing and flexible engagement models. Get a FREE QUOTE NOW!

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At Adreno Technologies, we believe that testing is more than just finding bugs; it’s about empowering your team to develop high-quality software products every time.

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