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We Help you make sense of your data so that you can make the right business decisions - quickly, accurately, and economically.

The success of any business depends on how effectively and proactively decision-makers sense and respond in a given situation. Acting upon the right information at the right time is the key to optimize performance and outperform competition. Business intelligence services empower organizations with critical data and useful insights to make informed decisions in the favor and growth of the company.

At Adreno Technologies, we offer business intelligence outsourcing services to help our clients get the right information, resources and implementation strategies to adapt faster to new changes, optimize business performance, and mitigate potential risks. Our outsourced business intelligence services enable enterprises to turn critical data into actionable insights. Our skilled business intelligence consultants leverage data analytics, data warehousing, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) like technologies to create seamless information access at the point of need and help you answer the most common questions:

  • How do I leverage big business data and analytics to achieve sustainable growth?
  • What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) I need to run my business?
  • How can I reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential financial disasters?
  • How can I improve workforce utilization and productivity throughout the organization?
  • How do we optimize our business performance and achieve better ROI?

Simplify the Data Stack and Scale Out Performance

In today's competitive environment, the biggest challenge that organizations face is to extract essential business information from big data. The need is to analyze enterprise data in a structured way in order to get quality solutions from the same. Our business intelligence consultants in India leverage key business analytics, regulatory frameworks, and strategies to help you gain focused insights and make critical business decisions with confidence. From strategy and assessment to migrations, upgrades, implementations and support capabilities, we offer business intelligence outsourcing services in the following domains:

Business Performance Management

Define and manage your business strategy, streamline financial processes, improve workforce productivity, and enhance profitability and cost management with up-to-date business information.

Analytics and Data Mining

Make more informed business decisions across the enterprise. Get valuable insights from big data accumulated over decades with the right analytics and data mining platforms and technologies.

Big Data Analysis

Enterprise data is increasing exponentially in volume and is getting more complex in nature. The need is to employ robust tools and technologies to unlock your data's potential and drive optimum growth.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Improve and standardize compliance and risk management, increase efficiency, and adapt faster to ever-changing business requirements with the right governance, risk and compliance solutions.

Information Management

Information can be used as a strategic enabler of an enterprises' performance and success. Connect your workforce, processes and technologies with the content that drives maximum business value.

Data Warehousing

Gain quick access to the right information when and where you need. The service includes data extraction strategies, data architecture, visual explorations of data sets, data migration, along with others.

We help clients meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow with effective BI Solutions.

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Industry-Specific BI Solutions You Can Trust

Shorten your turnaround time to complex business problems and challenges with our industry-specific business intelligence solutions. We employ technologies like built-in data models, key performance indicators (KPIs) and executive dashboards to help you streamline business processes and make strategic business decisions faster. Our industry-specific business intelligence solutions cover the following industry verticals:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Utilities

The Adreno Advantage!

We have a proven track record of delivering measurable business results to organizations worldwide with our outsourced business intelligence in India. Our flexible delivery models, standard operating procedures, unmatched technology expertise, and dedicated offshore resources help us deliver a distinctive competitive advantage to our clients across diverse industry verticals. Here what makes us different from other outsourced business intelligence services provider companies in India:

  • 200+ Current Workforce in all verticals
  • Over a decade of Industry Experience
  • 100% Compliant with Regulations
  • Focus on Quality and Cost-Effectiveness
  • ISO 9001:2010 Certified Processes
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • 100% Company Owned Infrastructure
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